Episode 34: "Insecure was Good as F**k..."

1 hour 28 mins by Digital Coffee Beans |

In this episode the fellas chop it up with the ladies of "Digital Tea" to discuss the 1st season of Insecure and all the great topics it provided: Was Issa's cheating justified???, Is Issa kind of a mess, #TeamLawrence stand up, black sex scenes (they got it right), our thoughts on Jared's revelation, the double standards of Men vs Women when it comes to sex, the perception of Black Men and Women in the workplace and what we foresee for Season 2....

A few articles interesting articles on the Insecure finale & season:

On The Insecure Finale And The Ridiculous Notion Of “Building With A Man” http://madamenoire.com/727394/insecure-finale-building-man/

THE ONLY TAKEAWAY FROM THE ‘INSECURE’ FINALE IS THAT LAWRENCE IS NO CATCH: http://verysmartbrothas.com/insecure-lawrence-no-catch/

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